Welcome to RayStanley.us!

This site will be a perpetual memorial for Ray H. Stanley, beloved friend to so many. We want to collect your stories, pictures, videos, and audio. Anything that makes you think of Ray with a smile.

There are a number of ways we’re able to receive your information. Please note that anything you submit to us will be posted publicly on this website. So please make sure your content is appropriate for such publication.

If you would like to submit anything, please use the contact form below. It will reach Isaac Eiland-Hall, who is creating and maintaining this site, and content will be added as soon as possible.

Text Submissions

Submitting text (stories/anecdotes/messages for Ray/thoughts) is obvious: Please submit using the form below (scroll down).

Picture Submissions

You can submit pictures using the form. Alternatively, you can create a public album on Facebook and send a link using the form. If you use Google Photos, it’s also possible to create a public album and send a link using the form.

Audio/Video Submissions

Due to their typically larger size, alternate means of submitting these must be used. Some possible suggestions include the following:

  • Upload to One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox and share with isaac (at) eiland (dash) hall (dot) us and use the contact form to let me know that you’ve sent something and what it is – and any relevant stories/etc that go along with it/them
  • If you speak FTP (technically SFTP), submit a request using the form below for me to create a space for you to upload.
  • Videos may be uploaded to Youtube (unlisted if you wish) and links to your upload(s) submitted using the form below
  • Note that it is generally difficult to download videos from Facebook. But in general, if you have something posted somewhere, submit it using the form and I’ll try to grab it. If I’m unable, I’ll let you know.

Contact / Submission Form


About The Form

Please use the form on the left to submit stories or any sort of text, ask questions, and generally contact Isaac Eiland-Hall.You may also use it to submit a single file – most image and video and audio formats are supported, but there is a maximum size of 20MB and a limit of one file per submission.

If you’d like to submit multiple files, please note the text above for suggestions, and use the form to send me a link to the content.

Please note that if you wish to submit the form multiple times, you’ll need to refresh the page after each submission.